Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Are We

At Diffused, we are a London-based team with a global reach that extends to New York, Paris, and Gstaad. Our mission is to pioneer at the forefront of the arts and creative technology. By leveraging the diverse skills and perspectives of our team, we bring unconventional and unique approaches to our projects. We believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we work closely with our clients and partners to create innovative and inspiring projects that push boundaries. Whether you're looking to create an immersive installation, an interactive experience, or a brand activation, we are the go-to collective that delivers unparalleled results.

Evolve With Us

At Diffused, we don't just collaborate - we co-create. We're always on the lookout for partners who share our passion for exploring the cutting edge of design and technology. Our collective expertise in everything from digital art to mobile apps to interactive installations allows us to bring your wildest ideas to life. We're not just interested in building products - we want to build a movement.

The Store

We're stoked to offer a range of unique and high-quality merchandise that celebrates our love for music, art, and technology. To make your shopping experience as smooth as possible, we've put together this FAQ section. Whether you're wondering about shipping, returns, payment, or product details, we've got your back.

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