Cordell Broadus

Cordell Broadus is a former football player, founder, and visionary. He and his team have developed a number of innovative solutions ranging from E-sports and Web 3.0


Jaiden Stipp

Jaiden, a prolific artist and developer from Washington DC and known for his iconic style and custom detailing.


DEEZEFI: Digital Artist

Still remaining anonymous to the masses, Deezefi is a digital artist merging a plethora of art disciplines to define his intricate styles that shines through the screen.


Shelby Coe: Marvel

Art, management and style. Shelby understands the zeitgeist like no other, a beacon of light to the industry.


Drifter Shoots

Drifter the prolific, an A-list photographer documenting the culture one shot at a time.


Meddy: Creative Technologist

Co-founder of Diffused setting out to build a suite of A.I native apps that stand the test of time.


Andrew Wang: Angel, Consultant

When you hear 'action bias' think Andrew, all time creative, investor and steering the ship for some of your favourite brands.


Mark Manson

Best selling author and CEO of not giving a f*ck, no litererally, Mark doesn't give a f*ck


Harvey Shakur

The founder and vision of renowned TikTok growth agency, with a proven track record of leaving a viral dent on the internet.


Suly Peerally

Digital design agency owner, long-time mentor for creatives. Taking businesses online with a purpose if you needed a map to navigate the internet, Suly would be your tour guide.


Pharell Williams

All round artist, creative director, taste maker and mentor. You can't help but witness the exuberance of the brands that Pharell aligns with.


Sere Zhang

Founder, Creative and DJ fusing a vibrant blend of artistry in everything she does. A'wish I knew about A'wa Coffee sooner!


Oscar Eagle

A prolific artist and musician, travel through time as you experience the meticulous moments of time captured in Oscar's art work.



New media and experience artist bending light and sound, zero's and ones to contrive heartfelt stories through audiovisual, live and interactive experiences.


David Gersch

World Renowned Artist & Innovator. David has an exuberant vision for excellence and the ideas you think are unimaginable, they mostly are but if anyone can do it, David can.


Emma Osman

Her excellency, Emma is a creative coder, connector for those in tech and community lead at Diffused. If there was a global leaderboard for co-ordination Emma's name would be amongst the top 50!


Shahir Figueira

Our brand partnerships liason and events manager with 7 years in the field of experiential marketing campaigns and activations. Shahir is so high energy, he could bring a dead battery to life by just pointing at it!


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