Momento allows guests to record unique experiences at your event using our customisable incentive driven Net Promoter Score platfrom to gain key insights and contact information.

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Heymesh A.I

Idea to 3D CAD in minutes! Heymesh makes it easier for designers to bring their ideas to life instantly!

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Kyza A.I

Connect A.I models to Create Apps with Zero Code Take charge and build the next generation of AI-powered apps, using your skills and creativity.

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Conceptualise your clients dream home at point of sale and share how each room can look in seconds.

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Celebrate GPT

Send celebrations & gift with ease! Simply think of the kind gesture and we'll handle the rest.

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Qrave A.I

Generate beautiful QR code art in Seconds for any brand or campaign.

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Cloud Security Exams

Leverage the power of AI to study and test your knowledge through endless mock exams.

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Claymore A.I

A layer of protection against A.I hallucinations and data poisoning. A set and protect solution to all your concerns.

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